Here’s some things I’ve programmed


A client/server music playing system

git video demo

Cygnus is a music playback server. It allows remote control over the network via clients. It is written in modern C++, with performance in mind. It is currently in an alpha state, but as of this writing it supports audio playback on the host, and remote control via any number of clients. It includes a CLI client called cygnusc that allows you to directly issue commands to the server, and a TUI client (cygnus-tui) is available separately for an interactive interface.


High performance minecraft-style voxel engine


Voxeltronik is essentially just a tech demo at this point, but the gist of the projects is an attempt to create a voxel rendering engine ala. Minecraft. More accurately described as a “bloxel” engine due to it’s use of textures and non-cubic voxel models, it is highly performant when it comes to draw distance, framerate, and lighting. It also has some interesting features such as Lua bindings and multi-colored lighting.


C++ library for creating interactive terminal interfaces


Tired of ncurses? Looking for lower level control and ease of use? CppTUI might be for you. It functions as an abstraction over ANSI escape codes, and provides an event system for handling input, including mouse and window resizes.


A self-hostable web service for viewing and tagging image libraries